AIうぉ--!(ai-wo-katsuyo-shitai !)


ChatGPTとかChatの性能に関するベンチマーク(2023/06/05, 英文法)。これでどうでしょう2。



Please create six questions with at least two questions with "were to" as the answer, similar to the following English grammar selection questions with the characteristic usage of "were to". The questions should be TOEIC-like, with the missing word in the sentence being selected from a list of choices. Also, please indicate the correct answer for each question.

If we were to ignore too many calories, what are some good food recommendations?


以下の、"wrere to"の使い方に特徴のある英文と同じような英文法の選択問題を、回答が、"were"となる問題を、2題以上入れて、6題つくって下さい。 TOEICのような問題で、文の中で、抜けた単語を選択肢から選ぶ形式の問題にして下さい。また、個々の問題の正解も示して下さい。

If we were to ignore too many calories, what are some good food recommendations?



  1. What would happen if you were to press the wrong button on the machine? A. Error message B. Restart C. Shutdown D. Freeze Answer: C. Shutdown

  2. If the company were to expand, where _____ be the best location for the new office? A. will B. is C. was D. were Answer: D. were

  3. If we were to implement this new policy, how _____ it affect our productivity? A. will B. would C. shall D. were Answer: B. would

  4. What _____ happen if the shipment were to arrive later than expected? A. is B. was C. will D. were Answer: D. were

  5. If you were to take this job offer, what _____ your starting salary be? A. are B. were C. shall D. will Answer: B. were

  6. If the weather were to improve, what _____ we do for the weekend? A. will B. would C. shall D. should Answer: B. would


  1. If you _______ to win the race, you need to train harder than anyone else. a) am b) is c) were d) be 正解: c) were

  2. If he _______ to be a doctor, he would have to go to medical school. a) want b) wants c) wanted d) wanting 正解: c) wanted

  3. If they _______ to travel abroad, they should apply for their passports soon. a) plan b) plans c) planned d) planning 正解: c) planned

  4. If the weather _______ to be sunny, we'll have a picnic in the park. a) is b) are c) were d) be 正解: c) were

  5. If she _______ to be a writer, she needs to work on her writing skills. a) aspire b) aspires c) aspired d) aspiring 正解: c) aspired

  6. If you _______ to succeed in business, you need to have a clear plan and work hard. a) aim b) aims c) aimed d) aiming 正解: c) aimed